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B A Y L E E   C O U C H

Hip Hop, Hip Hoppers

Baylee graduated from Oxford Area High School in 2022 and was a student at the Oxford Center for Dance for 14 years and on the competition team for 10 years. She started taking hip hop at OCD when she was 7 and has learned many different styles of hip hop and even was on the studios hip hop team for 3 years. Baylee has been to Monsters of Hip Hop multiple times and has taken class from Laura Edwards, Rhapsody James, Ian Eastwood, Jaja Vankova, Jabbawockeez, twitch and many more amazing creators! She was on a hip hop team called Beat Addiks for several years and even went to Florida to compete at World of Dance! Baylee is currently working towards her Bachelors Degree as a  Large Animal Vet Tech Assistant!

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