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S T U D I O   P O L I C I E S

General Dance School Policies

1. Tuition is due the first week of each SESSION!!  Bills are not sent home unless tuition is late. A $20.00 late fee is assessed after first week of non-payment.

2. Parent is financially responsible for all balances if a student quits for any reason. OCD must be notified if a student quits, otherwise charges will continue.

3. There will be a $25.00 charge for returned checks.

4. Arrive 10 minutes before class; otherwise student will not be permitted to take class.

5. OCD is not responsible for care of students when not picked up immediately after class. Parents  arrive 5 minutes before class is done.

6. No smoking whatsoever at OCD!

7. No gum chewing in classrooms!

8. Parent visitation is in DEC. You will be notified.

9. OCD is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Take dance bags into classrooms and label ALL belongings.

10.  Children not attending classes must be supervised.

11.  Students are NOT allowed to wait outside the building.

12.  Confirmations on registration are NOT sent. Please call the studio if in question – 610-932-3267.

13.  No one is permitted in classrooms when class is not in session. Parents must remain in the lobby area.

14.  No horseplay or running around gym equipment

15.  Students must notify the teacher when injured, feeling faint or feeling ill.

16.  Students & parents are expected to be polite to each other, instructors & office staff. Rude or aggressive behavior WILL NOT be tolerated & will result in dismissal from OCD without a refund.

17.  Cell phones (texting or calling) are NOT allowed to be used in the classrooms.



In order for all dancers to fully focus in class, all cell phones and Apple/Smart watches will be stored in a container until class is over! The only exception is if a parent writes/notifies the office that the dancer must have a phone nearby due to a possible emergency.  This can only happen one time.

Dance Injury Policy

If a student is injured or slightly ill, parent must submit a note and student can observe class. Otherwise they will be sent to the office to contact parents.

Dance Injury Specialists 

The safety and proper treatment of our dancers is our first priority. With this in mind, when an injury occurs we can recommend dance injury specialists. Feel free to stop by the office for referrals. 


Dance Absences and Make-ups 

Illnesses: Call office before class Make-up: Same level or lower level within the same month 

Inclement Weather or Teacher Absence:  Make up class on your own 

No Credits – No Refunds – No Exceptions OCD bases its schedule and finances on students’ commitment; therefore, you will not receive credit. 


Policy on Instructor-Student Contact 

OCD, Inc strives to offer teaching that is individual and hands-on. In the world of dance, it is appropriate for a member of the faculty to physically position a pupil in order for progress to be made in regard to technique. The school neither condones nor tolerates any touching of students by instructors that is harmful or professionally reckless. Before enrolling a student, please consider that it is school policy  correct dancers with physical contact. If the student or parent/guardian is uncomfortable with this policy, you may wish to reconsider enrolling the student. 

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